Our Mission

  • To inform the Rector and respective departments about the news related to our university, Council of Higher Education and the other universities in the media daily.
  • To archive the news beeing seen in visual and written media about our university regularly.
  • To inform media about every kind of activities (conferance, panel, symposium, congress, cerenomy, meeting, seminar, feast, concert, cocktail, etc.) holded by our university and to provide participation.
  • To prepare the materials such as catalogs , brochures, leaflets, CDs used for the presentation of our university.
  • To send the  various promotional metarials including catalogs, brochures and CD’s that individuals or high schools from different cities of our country want to learn about the facilities of our university.
  • To set up  promotion booths in the city where our university is located and in the other cities to promote our university.
  • To follow, take photos and shoot the activities arranged by our university and archive them.